Thursday, October 27, 2011

LE Exploring Glue Prints!

Lower Elementary students have been busy creating all kinds of fantastic glue prints!  Each student began by creating a line drawing  on  cardboard, then applying glue and string to the line work. During the second class, we began the inking process.  Here are some students preparing the ink.

Here is a student using a brayer to get the blue ink ready.

Here we have all the bench hooks inked up and it looks like we are set to go!
Once the ink is applied to the original board, students use a dry brayer to press the inked image onto a clean sheet of paper.  There is a feeling of cooperation between the students and peer teaching and assistance exists each step of the way!

Here, one student is holding the board for another while the dry brayer is used to press.
The objective of this lesson is to create original work and become more proficient in the  preparation and  process of print making.  Students were all enthusiastic and everyone participated fully.

Here are some pictures of the boards with glue and string just about to be inked.

Here is one print next to the original.
The joy of success!
Happiness is: creating original art!

Monday, October 17, 2011

UE Finished Egyptian Portraits!

Last week began with the Upper Elementary students completing their beautiful Paper Batik Egyptian Portraits!

When we last left you, everyone was coating their finished work with black ink... Here is a picture before we washed them off.  Can you tell which students are nervous about the ink being removed?

Happy results!

Everything turned out beautifully! Here are some great examples!

Students scrubbed off the jet black ink to reveal beautifully colored portraits.

These are so striking, I can't post enough of them!

Good thing we used heavy duty water color paper.  Great success was experienced by all!  As soon as we completed washing the portraits, students began drawing more hieroglyphs in black and white.  These black and whites will be used to create atmosphere around the portraits when on display.

Here are students hard at work!

 Once the Portraits were completely finished, students began forming armatures for the miniature Mummies they are designing using wire and Pariscraft.  Check out these armatures!

Students learned about human proportions and how to measure lengths of the head for arm length, leg length, torso,  etc. Everyone seems to like exploring new mediums and excitement is in the air!

Once the armatures are completed, the students add Pariscraft to give that true mummified look!

We will continue working with Egyptian based projects throughout the semester.  Each student is involved with the research and the creation of these modern day artifacts!  I could not ask for a more committed group of learners! Good time had by all AND we can't wait to see the mummies when finished!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Middle School Rocks the R-Mode!

Here you see Quest Montessori Middle School students working on  r-mode name designs and 'Original Art' projects.  Last week, we began by filling sheets of large format paper with line designs.  This may sound easy to some...but it's more difficult than you might think!
Students often respond well to quick drawing exercises suggested by Dr. Betty Edwards in her book; Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. In order to enhance their drawing effort and the right brain shift, students subdue talking and listen to non-lyric music while following simple drawing challenges.  Here are some pictures of completed  reproductions of a  portrait Picasso did of Igor Stravinsky in 1920.  Students drew these upside-down AND completed them  in superb style!

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how well these turned out!

The next r-mode project was to use their signature as the basis for a colorful alien design.  Students wrote their name on half a sheet of folded paper, then opened the paper to mirror copy the writing.  After that, they examined the design from all angles ...and  created an alien!  Can you read the names that were the basis for these designs?

 I'm told this alien is shooting paint balls, right Remy?

 Does anyone recognize this winged beauty?

 Looks like these initials are MB?

Is that you Brook?

The most recent r-mode project we explored was the face vase.  Again, students used a line profile of a normal or warty witch face, then slip into r-mode and copied a mirrored image of the line.  Everyone enjoyed this exercise and we were all pleased with the results!  What do you think?

What do you see, vases or faces?  Great job done by all!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Quest Montessori UE students have been hard at work researching for their Egyptian paper batik portraits.
This is a complicated project requiring research regarding:  what different hieroglyphs symbolize, rules of EgyptianArt, colors used for royal headpieces, symbols for Egyptian gods. All kinds of research!
Here is how it began.

Students not only researched the hieroglyphs that sounded like their names, they created or copied modern day logos that represented their current interests. They put the selected images and symbols on paper then outline with black marker of charcoal.They carefully add brightly colored headpieces and neck pieces.

Then background colors were mixed and applied carefully (thick poster paint).

I can't wait for the next step...cover the entire piece with jet black ink!

All white areas will turn black and the poster paint will fade, when we wash the paintings day after applying the ink.  Can't wait!  I will post all results!  Everyone is really getting the idea of how rigid the Egyptian rules for Art really were! These should look ancient when finished!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I love working with Quest Montessori students!  They are bright and inquisitive and always eager to venture into new artistic territory! Last week  began with LE excercising their r-mode (right brain drawing) by doing quick scribble drawings and then using their imaginations, see what they could find. Check these out!

                                 Hard at work bringing out the shapes!

                                 Do you see a fox in this picture too?

                                     Perhaps you can see a whale?

After we finished our free form drawings, we began the serious work of creating 'Original Art' for upcoming fundraiser.  Students could finish  their oil pastel sunflowers from last week OR use sunflowers for printmaking. We have already practiced printing with leaves and feathers. We spoke about composition, texture, color, brayers, printing ink and mixed media! Printing is messy and fun!                     

                      Look at this application of ink!

After printing the sunflowers, we added brilliant water color pigments. All of these imaginative compositions were created by Lower Elementary students. It was difficult to learn how to apply the ink but well worth the effort!
 Here are some beautiful pieces of "Original Art" 2011.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Beginnings!

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Quest Art Blog!!!

I am Tricia Hart, the new Art Resource specialist at Quest Montessori in Wakefield RI.   
I've been spending the past two weeks getting to know all of the eager young artists attending Quest Montessori!  Everyone is so happy to be back to school and bursting with excitement about creating new works of Art!  We have been experimenting with different types of oil pastels and water color paints! Upper Elementary students have been working on Egyptian portraits of themselves as ancient royals or gods.  Everyone is really getting into the hieroglyphs used to indicate their names.  Since they are all on field trip this week, images of these fantastic works will be posted next week once they have returned and complete more stages of their projects.

Lower Elementary have been really getting into the blending possibilities of new oil pastels!  We looked at the treatment for rendering flowers by three artists. English naturalist, Mark Catesby, Dutch artist Vincent VanGogh and American painter Georgia O'Keeffe.

Vincent van Gogh

 Georgia O'Keeffe

Students were able to examine work from each artist and choose which style they preferred. Everyone sees sunflowers...just a bit differently. Look and see!

Here are some pictures of work in progress as well as finished work. 

First, here are Quest Artists hard at work...

Who sees red?

Artists at work!

Some finished work